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Squirrels - The Bane of Humanity

An anti squirrel infosite for squirrel haters

- Have you ever been victimized by squirrels? -

Have you ever been a victim of squirrel violence and/or mischief? Ever swerve your car to avoid street frolicking squirrels and crash or nearly crash your vehicle? Did you miss your favorite television program because a bushy tailed squirrel spawn of satan chewed through your cable wire? Have you ever been hit squarely in the forehead by an acorn that was lobbed by a squirrel? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are a victim of squirrel related violence and you have come to the right place for anti squirrel supporters!

- What the squirrels don't want you to know -

You've seen them high up in the trees and inside shrubs big and small. On the busiest city streets and most remote of meadows. They can swim and scale vertical walls. Their teeth and claws are sharp and can rend flesh easier than a fat kid can eat his way through a wall made of fudge. Squirrels have an agenda that you might not know about. Sure they look cute and harmless, seeming to live their lives eating nuts, playing in the trees, and chasing eachother across your front lawn. The fact is they have far bigger plans: Global domination and human enslavement. This Anti Squirrel website is here to tell you what the squirrels don't want you to know.

- Our Goal and how N.A.D.S began -

The goal of N.A.D.S (North American Defense against Squirrels) is to educate the population of the potential devestation squirrels are capable of and to uncover their plot for global domination, while continuing to push the envelope in ground breaking anti-squirrel tactics.

N.A.D.S was founded in 2002 by two fearless squirrel fighters, Pad and Dap. ** Since then Pad and Dap have dedicated much of their time researching the harmful intent of squirrels and their allies. The North American Defense Against Squirrels website came to life a year later.

Begin learning, and arm yourself with the knowledge contained in this website before it's too late!

Pad and Dap squirrel hunting - 2002

Pad and Dap after a long day of running squirrels over in a lamborghini and blasting them to smithereens with JDAM strikes. - 2011

** Names have been changed for security reasons.

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