Penis Enlargement Bible Review - The Facts

PE Bible Review. In this review of the Penis Enlargement Bible we will be showing our results after following all of the training in the 94 page eBook from John Collins.

Of course this is our review, you can read about it yourself here: PEBible.

You can also watch this review of the PE Bible from Bill Preston:

That should answer all of your question, regarding the Penis Enlargement Bible.

Simple Keto System Review

For anyone interested in starting a healthy keto diet, but don't want to get caught up counting macros or doing other complicated things. If you just want your body to enter ketosis, without making things complicated - all while eating delicious, healthy, keto-friendly foods - then you owe it yourself to check out Konscious Keto's Simple Keto System and their simple keto meal plan.

Watch more about Konscious Keto here:

As a Keto veteran I know how difficult it can be to get your body into a healthy state of ketosis to allow the body to produce ketones from fat in the liver, hence burning excess body fat. It is amazing once you get into ketosis, but what if there was an easy way to get a customized keto plan specifically made just for your body type, your activity level and your fitness goals?

Well the good news is the Simple Keto System from Konscious is the perfect solution for you.

Another Thought About The Peruvian Brew

A few months ago I wrote about the shame some men feel about ED. That article is here: A Natural Cure for ED, Erect on Demand and the Peruvian Brew. Today I wanted to share a pretty nice site I found that does a great job giving what appears to be a pretty legit review of the Peruvian Brew... that site is here: and it is highly recommended.

I also found another video which turns out to be really great:

Again, as you may have gotten from my previous post, I am a huge fan of this natural ED remedy. I highly recommend anyone who is either suffering from ED, or someone whose partner's ED is also impact their intimacy. It works, it tastes good, and it is all natural.

So give it a try, you will be glad you did.

A Natural Cure for ED, Erect on Demand and the Peruvian Brew

A very, very common issue for men over 30 that is rarely talked about is Erectile Dysfunction. This condition, while easily addressed has created a lot of shame among men, but the reality is it shouldn't be consider a big deal. That is because it is much easier to correct than most guys realize.

Sure there are pills that will address it, but there are also natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that can also fix it.

Let's break it down. Many times ED comes down to one of two things.

1. It could be a function of a lack of blood flow.

2. It could be a function of having a lack of sensitivity.

Both of these conditions can be addressed.

Erect on Demand and the Peruvian brew have 100% natural ingredients that are shown to both increase blood flow and also increase (or even restore) sensitivity.

Watch this video on Erect on Demand for more information:

Erect On Demand Review - Learn About This Natural ED Cure

Also, this Peruvian Brew video talks about some of the results that can be seen when taking the boner brew:

Peruvian Brew System Review - Josh Harding's Erect On Demand Formula

Watch the full playlist here: Erect On Demand, The Peruvian Brew For ED

Thanks for watching and feel free to like, comment and subscribe to his channel.

My Thoughts on Unlock Her Legs

Unlock Her Legs is a product from Bobby Rio and Rob Judge that essentially shows guys how to reset their image with a woman. It is not a general dating advice product, instead it is a method (the Scrambler) that is used to change a woman's perception of the man using the technique. It works especially well if there is a woman who already put a guy in the friends zone, or otherwise placed him in a category that displays her lack of interest in him.

This video by Bill Preston goes into a lot of detail about Unlock Her Legs:

Unlock her legs

His review is spot on, and not a bunch of fluff that you get in a lot of other videos.

The product started after the success of Magnetic Messaging. The one thing that that product didn't cover was how to get attraction from one girl that has already discounted them as a potential romantic partner.

The scrambler allows guys to change, and completely reset any preconceived notions that woman has about a man. It allows him to be seen in her eyes as a new guy, not the guy she thought he was.

It's a great program and wildly popular and can be found here:

Why I Started Using Spartagen Twice A Day

What's with all the hype around testosterone boosters. Do they really work, or are they snake oil sold to desperate guys?

Being in my mid 40's I can see the appeal of these products, but was pretty skeptical. I did some research on why guys may feel a lack of energy and lack of libido.

While this can be the result of low production of testosterone, it may also be a result of the following:
Over consumption of alcohol.
Some side effects of thyroid condition.
Side effects of undertaking certain medication.

It is important to meet your physician for a blood test, so as to determine the cause of these symptoms in you. The only perfect and sure way of determining the level of your testosterone is through a blood test. According to Harvard Medical School, a good level of testosterone should range from 300 to 450 nano-grams per deciliter for any men at 65 years and above. For the age group, this is the center of the required range.

OK, with that said, I decided to give some a try so I did some searching around and found a product called Spartagen XT from EdgeBioactives (a company I had never heard of, but appears to be legit after looking up more information on them).

I almost bought a somewhat generic version at GNC, but wanted to see if this one could match all of the claims I had heard (I was definitely going to try the GNC version if this one didn't meet my expectations, heck I might anyways, we'll see).

So I ordered a three month supply, since it was the best deal and waited patiently for them to arrive. It didn't take long and soon I started taking the recommended dosage of 2 pills, twice a day. I've heard from a few people that you can double that, but I wanted to try the recommended dosage first. Call me conservative.

At first, I didn't notice any difference at all. I mean, literally nothing. May as well been a placebo.

But after about 10 days or so, I started feeling a lot different. I had a ton of energy. I felt more alive. I just felt like me again, if that makes sense.

You can also watch spartagen xt on youtube.

After about two weeks, I really hit my groove. My libido was certainly up (my wife wants to thank EdgeBioactives, lol). I had so much energy and stamina, I literaly felt like I was 18 years old again.

Now that it's been about 8 weeks, I don't feel quite as much energy as I did at the two week mark, but it is still way up compared to what it was before. I have lost a ton of weight, feel totally energetic and love that there are no side effects.

So do I plan on continuing to take spartagen xt? Oh yes. I definitely am going to be ordering more.


How Relationship Rewind Will Rekindle the Feelings of an Ex

The term ex usually brings a strong sense of finality to it. It's a harsh term, and it's hard to use it without thinking of a firm transition from one state to another. However, anyone pining for a significant other of the past should give that fact a little extra thought. The very nature of how we frame relationships in our mind will often be the driving force within it. Of course a relationship is over when both people agree on that fact and put a label on it. But sometimes those feelings just don't go away. The first step in bringing back an old flame is remembering that the term ex is just a simple label. Stop thinking of that person as an ex. Think of them instead in a more positive way.

If you have a hunch that they still have some feelings for you than it's best to frame it as a relationship that's simply on pause. And in that case it's up to you to hit play once again on the relationship. Sadly, there's not really a one size fits all solution to the problem. The most important aspect of this step is to tackle something that's often the main reason relationships fail in the first place. People need to really understand and pay attention to their former partner's individuality. A lot of times people get too caught up in the idea that men like certain things, and women like other things. Some of it might be valid. But the reality is that you're not interested in the totality or average of a gender. You're interested in one specific and unique person within it. And to get them back it's vital to really understand them as a person. And while that in general is important, there's one portion of it which is especially significant. You'll need to understand their current emotional and intellectual relation to you.

It's an easy mistake to simply wonder what they think of you. But that discounts how relationships work, and how they fail. People don't relate to romantic partners in the same way that they do to, say, their accountant. Objectivity doesn't factor in as fully when it comes to romance. At the same time, it's not all about emotion either. A relationship is something like a bridge which sits soundly in the middle of both factors. You can come up with a list of every trait you look for in a partner and on encountering them in real life there simply might not be a spark. At the same time, when that spark is there with someone that doesn't offer what you need than it won't work either. This is why you need to look at how a former romantic partner relates to you on both levels.

The most common situation will involve a partner who still has an emotional connection but who has lost the intellectual. He or she will still feel that you're a romantic possibility, but they're intellectually opposed to it. This is why people so often dial an ex after a night on the town. When they stop telling themselves that it's over the emotion can rise again. Of course in the real world one needs a more permanent solution to the problem.

Again, this is something which will vary on a person by person basis. But there's usually two possible roads to take which will bring them back to you. Both operate on the idea that you need to let their emotions build to the point where their intellect can evaluate things in a new light. You need to give them a moment to pause and realize that they're hurting themselves by not coming back to you.
Both solutions also operate on proximity. Depending on how they relate to you, and to dating in general, you'll need to either remove yourself from their social life for a while or fully integrate yourself into it. Again, the point here is that you're going to allow their emotional connection to you to explode in love.

If they need you in their life as a friend after the relationship is over than it's sometimes best to remove yourself from that situation for a while. Simply say that you still have feelings for them and that just being friends is too painful at the moment. Make it clear that you don't know how long you need to be away from them. In these cases the former partner is in a situation where they were still getting some of the good parts of the relationship without being in the relationship. When that's removed they'll often come running back and want to give the relationship another chance.

In other cases, you might need to further integrate yourself in the life of your ex. This is a chance to continually demonstrate that you've grown past any issues they had, and to remind them how great you are. While it might seem petty, you should also not be afraid to play on any issues with their new relationships. Don't be so obvious as to say anything. But if the new partner is failing in some area, make sure you're excelling in it. Then at some point confess that you still have feelings for them. This will allow a new and improved version of you to grow in their mind to match any lingering emotion. If all of these aspects of a relationship are kept in mind than it really is possible to get an ex back.

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