My Thoughts on Unlock Her Legs

Unlock Her Legs is a product from Bobby Rio and Rob Judge that essentially shows guys how to reset their image with a woman. It is not a general dating advice product, instead it is a method (the Scrambler) that is used to change a woman's perception of the man using the technique. It works especially well if there is a woman who already put a guy in the friends zone, or otherwise placed him in a category that displays her lack of interest in him.

This video by Bill Preston goes into a lot of detail about Unlock Her Legs:

Unlock her legs

His review is spot on, and not a bunch of fluff that you get in a lot of other videos.

The product started after the success of Magnetic Messaging. The one thing that that product didn't cover was how to get attraction from one girl that has already discounted them as a potential romantic partner.

The scrambler allows guys to change, and completely reset any preconceived notions that woman has about a man. It allows him to be seen in her eyes as a new guy, not the guy she thought he was.

It's a great program and wildly popular and can be found here: