Proof that squirrels are evil and mischievous

Squirrels Break into Truck and Cause $700 in Damages NEW!
All over the world squirrels are causing harm and destruction to private property. This is a very short story about a squirrel or group of squirrels that built a condo under the hood of a man's truck and caused $700 of damages in the process, proving once again that squirrels are evil pests. Proof, once again, that squirrels are employing hateful, brazen tactics against innocent human beings.

Psychotic Squirrel Attacks Biker
This is a story about an innocent biker who gets relentlessly and repeatedly attacked by a crazed bushy tail. The offending squirrel even manages to get a few licks in with a police officer at the end of the story!

Mischievous Squirrel Caught in the Act! GReddy:1 Squirrel:0
A squirrel terror gets caught in the act and then frightened from the scene of the crime by the rumble of a GReddy Evolution exhaust!

Power outage caused by squirrel
It wasn't the first time either! One squirrel ruining so many people's day!

Granddad guns down terror squirrel
He got what was coming. I'd love to have a beer with granddad. Go granddad go!!!

A close call!!!
Watch this video - you can see the squirrel contemplating a brutal attack. The manner in which it's tail twitches is a threatening gesture.

Crazed squirrel attacks hunter
They attack people with guns! Brazen bastards.

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