Why I Started Using Spartagen Twice A Day

What's with all the hype around testosterone boosters. Do they really work, or are they snake oil sold to desperate guys?

Being in my mid 40's I can see the appeal of these products, but was pretty skeptical. I did some research on why guys may feel a lack of energy and lack of libido.

While this can be the result of low production of testosterone, it may also be a result of the following:
Over consumption of alcohol.
Some side effects of thyroid condition.
Side effects of undertaking certain medication.

It is important to meet your physician for a blood test, so as to determine the cause of these symptoms in you. The only perfect and sure way of determining the level of your testosterone is through a blood test. According to Harvard Medical School, a good level of testosterone should range from 300 to 450 nano-grams per deciliter for any men at 65 years and above. For the age group, this is the center of the required range.

OK, with that said, I decided to give some a try so I did some searching around and found a product called Spartagen XT from EdgeBioactives (a company I had never heard of, but appears to be legit after looking up more information on them).

I almost bought a somewhat generic version at GNC, but wanted to see if this one could match all of the claims I had heard (I was definitely going to try the GNC version if this one didn't meet my expectations, heck I might anyways, we'll see).

So I ordered a three month supply, since it was the best deal and waited patiently for them to arrive. It didn't take long and soon I started taking the recommended dosage of 2 pills, twice a day. I've heard from a few people that you can double that, but I wanted to try the recommended dosage first. Call me conservative.

At first, I didn't notice any difference at all. I mean, literally nothing. May as well been a placebo.

But after about 10 days or so, I started feeling a lot different. I had a ton of energy. I felt more alive. I just felt like me again, if that makes sense.

You can also watch spartagen xt on youtube.

After about two weeks, I really hit my groove. My libido was certainly up (my wife wants to thank EdgeBioactives, lol). I had so much energy and stamina, I literaly felt like I was 18 years old again.

Now that it's been about 8 weeks, I don't feel quite as much energy as I did at the two week mark, but it is still way up compared to what it was before. I have lost a ton of weight, feel totally energetic and love that there are no side effects.

So do I plan on continuing to take spartagen xt? Oh yes. I definitely am going to be ordering more.