Anti Squirrel Tactics

Very few things can frighten a squirrel away aside from the obvious methods such as a shotgun blast into the branches of that tree in your backyard, or occasional detonation of explosives. The anti squirrel tactics mentioned here are all things you can actually get away with without being arrested. Read on to learn more about some of the methods N.A.D.S has discovered to scare squirrels away.

- Sounds that scare squirrels -

Certain aftermarket exhaust systems aren't only good for scaring off old ladies and pissing off other drivers with how obnoxious and awful sounding they are. They also scare and frighten squirrels! If you happen to be driving down the street and you spot a squirrel near the road, let it know to stay the hell off the road by shifting into neutral and revving. The loud sound coming from the exhaust system will both annoy and frighten off that pesky squirrel. VROOOOOM! This is also a good tactic to prevent a squirrel from darting in front of your car trying to get you to crash, as we all know they love to do.

Click here for pictures and a brief story about how a mischievous squirrel was utterly defeated by the tone of a GReddy Evolution cat back exhaust.

If you know of any other sounds that scare off squirrels, please Contact Us Immediately!

- Colors squirrels Detest -

So far we have discovered one color that, for some reason, frustrates, causes severe eye discomfort, and frighten squirrels away. This color is known as Milano Red. It is not a conicidence that it is used frequently on this web site. The last thing we need is for the squirrels to be reading this site and figuring out countermeasures.

So how can you use said color to protect yourself and your property from squirrels? Any way you can! A simple milano red fence will keep squirrels out of your garden. Dunk your bricks in milano red paint and build a house with these bricks for the ultimate safehouse. Make sure your car is painted milano red. Wear milano red clothing (watch out for crips). You get the idea.

Anti squirrel tactics research is a daunting, time consuming task, and the staff at N.A.D.S could always use the help of our faithful readers. If you know of any other effective colors or tactics, please Contact Us!

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